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born August 21st 2007

Visiting Sidlerhof, Februrary 2009

Our trip to Mallorca in November 2008

Dåb / Taufe 20.7.2008

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Our day

April 12th 2008: The whole family is ill at the moment. Victor started Tuesday, Sofia Thursday, Mom was sick Friday and Dad is sick today, Saturday. Victor has started to get better. We have had fever, been sick, caughed, runny nose, bad stomack.

Sofia got her fist tooth a couple of weeks ago, and now number 2 is on the way. Both front teeth below.

Victor has become real mobile. He is rolling around on the floor, and crabbling his way forward. See the movie. First thing he aimed for was a cable, and he will still move across the room to get to a cable. Other good toys are news papers and kitchen utensils. From our big collection of baby toys our favourites are the blue rubber duck we got from grossmami and a couple of toys we got from Lise. Then of course our 3 entertainment centres.

We have discovered that we are really fond of water. Mom and Dad took us to the pool a couple of times, and we love to splash around: in the pool

In March we moved to our new place. Now we got our own room where we sleep. We still get our nightly feed from Mom, but most often we are put back in our own room afterwards. We still wake up early in the morning, but Mom and Dad tries to make us sleep until 6:30.

During the day we sleet 3 times (9-10, 12-14, 17-17:30) and eat 6 times (7, 10 - porridge, 14, 17:30 - porridge, 19:30, 1). That routine normally works pretty well, except now when we are ill and sleep a lot and only drink milk.


February 5th 2008: Mommy has started feeding us mashed babana with a spoon. At first we thought it was a rather strange thing to be eating with a spoon, but we are getting a hang of it, and think it is exciting.

Since we came back from Christmas holidays in Denmark, we have practically been living on a matress on the floor in the livingroom. We stay there all day, playing. Lately we have started to move a little around on the matress, especially when lying on the stomach, but we haven't fallen down yet.

We both laugh with sound, and often when mom and dad is doing gymnastics with us, rolling us, or holding us up.

We can both sit up with support. We could be sitting in a chair, but our parents want to wait until after we move to buy chairs for us. So until then we'll have to sit on the matress supported by pillows. Victor even has so strong legs that he can stand when somebody hold both his hands. He is very proud when he does that, but a bit unstable is he still - we call him 'Elvis'.

When we sleep during the day, we still lie together in the cradle. It is a bit tight, and we tend to poke one another, which sometimes is a bit annoying when one is tired and wants to sleep and the other is wide awake. But this way we almost always sleep at the same time.

During the night we still wake up and want to eat. Mom and dad have now separated us because we wake eachother up. We get to bet together at 20, sleep until the midnight feed, and then one of us go in the cradle in the living room with daddy who sleeps on our matress on the floor while the other stays in the bed room with mom. Mom and dad says this works much better, but would like us all to get back into the bed room, so they have told us to learn to sleep through.


November 28th 2007: The morning is the best time of the day. We are both very happy and want to play and talk. We have been smiling, laughing and (trying to) talk the last few weeks.

Food we still get mainly from mommy (about 2/3), and as supplement we get formula from a bottle.

During the day we sleep a lot - sometimes even at the same time. In the evening we get put to bed, and after mom and dad has each sung a song for us and sometimes told a story, we fall asleep with no further ado. We get up 1-2 times during the night and get food from mommy. Sometimes we even get to sleep the rest of the night in mom and dads bed.

Since a couple of weeks, Victor does not use the pacifier. Sofia cannot live without it, and uses it very often.


April 12th 2008: Victor is now almost 10 kilo, and Sofia is 2 kilo less.

Comparing out weight curves with WHO standard: Sofia | Victor

Sofia measures 65.5 cm and Victor 69.5 cm.

November 28th 2007: We are still growing rapidly. Victor has almost tripled his minimum weight. 3 weeks ago we were at the doctor and she told us that Sofia has average height, weight and head circumference for her age and sex, whereas Victor is at the average for both height and head circumference, but at the 99% fractile for the weight (i.e. 99 of 100 babies are leighter than him). And remember we both started out way below the average.

Today Victor weighs 6770 g and measures about 61 cm and Sofia weighs 5580 g and measures about 58 cm.

October 10th 2007: We have now more than doubled our minimum weights. Victor started out with 2450 gram and went down to 2290 the first week. Sofia started with 2150 and was as low as 2000. Victor now puts 4610 gram on the scale and Sofia 4110.

We have also grown in length. Yesterday Victor was measured to be 53 cm long and Sofia 52cm. At birth we were 47 and 46, respectively.

September 2007: If I continue to gain weight as I have in the first month I will surpass my mother at the age of 9 months and my dad a month later. On my second birthday I will put on the scale as much as 6 large african elephant bulls. When I'm 12, because of me our planet will have doubled in weight! / Sofia


"Kært barn har mange navne" (a loved child has many names) you say in Danish. Here is a list of names we are called by our parents:
Sofia Victor
butthead (because my brother is beavis)
yoda (this is the reason)
gorbachev (look at the red mark at my forehead)
vic-the bøvs master
beavis (because I say he-he-he-he)

Special twin joys

twin sounds 1 (movie) | twin sounds 1 (movie)
double feeding 1 (movie) | double feeding 2 | double feeding 3
double burping


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