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July 26th: Darwin (Litchfield NP)
The day in Litchfield started of at the magnetic termite mounds with a brilliant talk on termites given by the park ranger. The ranger was well spoken, knowledgeable and Wangi Falls seemed to be very interested in the subject himself, which always helps to make other people interested as well. He did not even seem to mind that we afterwards hung around for another half-hour to ask all sorts of questions.

Next stop was Tolmer Falls and then Wangi Falls where we had lunch and a needful refreshing dip in the water.

We headed back to Darwin along the northbound dirt road (quite good condition) passing a Magnetic termite mound lot of magnetic, cathedral and wood-eater termite mounds. Before returning to Darwin, one last stop was made at the Berry Springs Nature Park where some of us had a quick swim under a hot waterfall.

After a shower and a bit of organising for the next day we went down to Stokes Hill Wharf for dinner. We just made it before everything closed down for the night.